Honoring Dr. Crawford Long: A Pioneering Spirit in Anesthesia

Introduction As we celebrate Doctor’s Day, it is fitting to honour one of the most pivotal figures in the history of medicine and anesthesia: Dr Crawford Long. His groundbreaking use of ether anesthesia transformed surgery, significantly reducing patient suffering and laying the foundation for modern anesthesiology. Today, we remember and celebrate his contributions to our … Read more

HbA1c & Anesthesia

Introduction Diabetes management hinges on monitoring glycemia, with glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) being a crucial indicator. HbA1c reflects average blood glucose levels over the past two to three months and is widely used to diagnose diabetes and monitor treatment efficacy. The discovery of HbA1c in the late 1960s revolutionized diabetes care by providing a reliable marker … Read more

Cerebral Circulation and Anesthesia: Essential Insights for Optimal Patient Care

Introduction The brain is an organ of immense complexity, requiring a robust blood supply to function correctly. Cerebral circulation is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients while removing metabolic waste. This article explores the anatomy of the brain’s arterial supply, touches on venous drainage, and discusses important clinical aspects, including intracranial aneurysms, cerebral vasospasm, and … Read more